As the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, a new way of life and of business is slowly emerging. New trends have changed the way deals are being made and closed, and it has been incredible to see how we have learned to adapt and change to an ongoing ever-changing environment.

In Ontario, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) specifically, the strength of the market has continued to push through. The restrictions on meetings and gatherings have definitely propelled the legal and real estate industries to adapt.

From a legal perspective, we have relied on technology to see our clients, plan their legal affairs, and manage their business. The push in this direction has allowed for more comfortable service models that rely on online meetings and the ability to sign documents electronically. While definitely helpful, for those who are less technologically inclined, the challenge of learning how to use these new tools has been a hurdle to achieving the same familiar experience of the pre-pandemic consultation.

Despite the whirlwind of changes, the real estate market in the GTA has been relentless. Viewing properties and sometimes lengthier waits for mortgage approval have had some effect on the experience, but nevertheless the market continues to push through. We are seeing a steady stream of activity that has not been deterred from the changes encountered.

Whether purchasing a property for personal use, business, or as an investment, the need for a lawyer is essential and mandatory. Having a lawyer involved earlier in the process can help prepare you for the changes, navigate the experience, and have an overall positive impact on your future plans.

We have been fortunate to continue serving our clients throughout all the changes, managing a new reality, and planning for a changing future. If you’re looking to close your deal, or better yet, to organize your personalized legal portfolio, call us today. We love to confront the changing tides with optimism and to set up our clients for success.