We’re In This Together

As the world moves towards an ever slowing pace, self-isolation or quarantine have become necessary for a quick shut down of the corona virus fiasco. It’s now more than ever that we should come together to respect and encourage social distancing. The truth is, the faster we can shut the spread of this virus down, the faster we can resume to live among each other again, and life can go on.

At our office, we’ve taken measures to move staff to a work-from-home environment and moved our office online! Technology has allowed us to work collaboratively, with each other and with our clients, and to take advantage of online tools to close deals or to organize our clients’ affairs. Adapting in this way is key to changing the behavior that will get this thing contained. .

We welcome new and existing clients to communicate with us via phone and email! We set up online portals for our client porfolios that help us organize and interact with each one. If you have more time to spend, we are glad to help by providing information and tools that can help you organize your legal portfolio in the meantime!

So feel free to browse our site and read some of our guides, or get in touch with us for an online meeting, phone call, or to simply get more information and tools on setting up your legal portfolio.